The International expansion of DIELSPORT continued covering the territory from Russia, through the European market, to the Middle East.
True to the brand traditions to offer the most intelligent technology, packed with elegance and style, DIELSPORT successfully entered one of the largest but also the most demanding markets for winter sports apparel - Italy. The brand successfully competed and took over the position of a major supplier for sports shops and ski teams displacing many leading Italian brands, which used to dictate the fashion world for decades. DIELSPORT dressed popular ski teams from Bardonecchia, Sestriere Borgata, and Spazio Neve.
Especially for the snowboarders, the brand launched a model, designed in collaboration and bearing the signature of the national star in this sport Hristo Ahtapodov.
Starting from this year DIELSPORT provided each product with Two Years Warranty Certificate as an assurance for their constant reliable quality and remarkable performance.

Olympic medals for SPECIAL OLYMPICS (Bulgaria)

Simon Kostova (Gold Medalist), Gennady Stoitsov (gold medalist) and Benita Petrova (bronze medalist) - DIELSPORT is proud of these golden girls and boys who once again proved, that to be a great athlete is not only a manifestation of physical endurance but mostly a demonstration of fortitude.

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