In the middle of the decade DIELSPORT’s products were all over Europe competing with the world’s leaders in the sector. DIELSPORT’s top models were manufactured exclusively by high-end materials – the Japanese textiles Toray, the intelligent fabric Fieldsensor, that transports the moisture, Dermizax coatings, the extremely durable Dynamonus with Kevlar, 3M linings etc. An innovative Japanese system for quality control was introduced along with other overall improvements in technology and tracking. Each one of DIELSPORT’s original products came accompanied by a Quality Certificate – an individual warranty proof. The portfolio of professional ski accessories was completed with gloves, hats and backpacks. This progress was noticed and rewarded by the state and the Manufactured in Bulgaria union. The Prime Minister personally adorned DIELSPORT with the Golden Martenitsa award for best producer. The high quality products strengthened the trust in the brand. DIELSPORT’s outfits became a symbol of discrete comfort simultaneously opposed and compared by DIELSPORT to the cosiness and the comfort of a home in the series of aggressive visions under the headline “If the mountain is my home”. The company took part in two important forums – the Anniversary Meeting of BIA and the First World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media in 2005.

Bulgarian national team of professional ski teachers

2003 - INTERSKI  Congress – Switzerland

2005 - World Championship for professional ski teachers – Finland

2007 - INTERSKI Congress – South Korea

2009 - World Championship for professional ski teachers – Slovenia

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