This season, the key word is 'stretch'. The new collection has employed the world’s top novelties in materials development and garments construction breakthroughs, intelligent fabrics with the ability to self-adjust to meet changes in the wearer’s body micro climate, textiles with extreme four-direction flexibility providing comfort by following even the most intense movements. The advanced all-component stretch technology includes only first-rate elasticity elements, from the lining and insulation to the strings, combined in the perfect way to replicate any stretching of the face fabric.
DIELSPORT signed a contract with the Intersport central in Germany, making the brand a centrally regulated supplier of more than one thousand elite sport shops in Germany. This opened widely the doors to Europe's largest market and presented recognition of successful policy, attractive design and excellent quality products.

Olympic medals for SPECIAL OLYMPICS (Bulgaria)

Simon Kostova (Gold Medalist), Gennady Stoitsov (gold medalist) and Benita Petrova (bronze medalist) - DIELSPORT is proud of these golden girls and boys who once again proved, that to be a great athlete is not only a manifestation of physical endurance but mostly a demonstration of fortitude.

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