The efforts over the years for quality improvement and the co-operation with BOC made the products of DIELSPORT popular, especially in the local market. The orders from abroad were steady as well, but the company realized that without good communication and stabilisation of the consumers attitude to the brand, DIELSPORT’s products would remain in a disadvantageous position in comparison with not better, but "import" products by famous brands. The long-term goal was set and the decision was taken. DIELSPORT entrusted the bold, newly created communication and artistic studio "ohyeah:" with the task to design the new logo. "The D-tail" or "the devil tail" outlined in the shape of a water drop, symbolising the victory of warmth and comfort over winter’s negative displays is still DIELSPORT’s emblem. A communication budget was defined for the next year, to be used for a launching advertising campaign. DIELSPORT did not turn a back to the product in favour of the brand - on the contrary! Enthusiastic to meet the new marketing realities, the company developed an unprecedented collection. The combination between high-end materials, innovative functionalities and neat sports silhouette, outlining the skier’s body turned this collection into one of DIELSPORT’s symbols - Alpine. Another historic for the company event took place this year – DIELSPORT apparel conquered the Antarctic and remained there forever as the professional wear of the missions of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute.

Olympic medals for SPECIAL OLYMPICS (Bulgaria)

Simon Kostova (Gold Medalist), Gennady Stoitsov (gold medalist) and Benita Petrova (bronze medalist) - DIELSPORT is proud of these golden girls and boys who once again proved, that to be a great athlete is not only a manifestation of physical endurance but mostly a demonstration of fortitude.

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