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All DIEL®Sport products are created using high technological materials from world-class producers with constant reliable quality and remarkable performance.

Garment manufacturing is realised in a own dedicated factory, certified by ISO 9001:2008 „Quality Management Systems” which is in the Top 10 most modern production facilities for ski apparel in the world. A high-end Quality System with triple inspections at all stages under special Japanese know-how is ensuring precise finishing.

DIEL®Sport provides assurance of the quality of the apparel for 24 months from the date of original purchase. Each product with attached Warranty Certificate has a two-year warranty coverage. The warranty applies to flaws occurred under normal use during the warranty period and due to defects in material and workmanship.

Warranty conditions:
• The warranty is only valid on presentation of the warranty certificate that corresponds to the defective product.
• If the purchase date is not written in the warranty certificate, valid shall be the production date according to the product serial number.
• Warranty includes: zippers, seams, seams taping, snaps, cords, cords stoppers, elastics and trims.
• Prior to purchase of the product consult the retailer, try-out the apparel and correctly choose the best fitting size. Warranty service for unstitching of seams due to incorrect size may be refused.

Warranty does not include:
• Damages, caused by misuse, abuse or neglect or what is not considered as normal use.
• Failures that are within the allowable normal wear and tear from the product usage.
• Tears and damages of the fabric caused by contact with any object which is not part of the product.
• Burns and melting damages of product materials and assembling caused by fire, sources of high temperature or hot surfaces.
• Damages on zippers caused by extreme force and aggressive mode of opening and closing.
• Damage to the membrane/coating and seam sealing tape resulting from contamination or improper care (laundering, drying, ironing).
• Damages to fur elements (natural and synthetic) caused by laundering and cleaning.

Color loss or color migration: DIEL®Sport will determine (according to the in-house factory test reports) if there is a defect in the fabric.
Waterproofness: DIEL®Sport refers to fabrics test reports to determine should a problem exist. For problems of humidity sensation, DIEL®Sport recommends applying a special Water-repellency/Impregnating treatment.

Care conditions:
• Stain removal: any stain remover should be applied on a dry stain before washing.
• Laundering should be done in a regular washing machine at water temperature 30°C (90°F).
• Laundering using fabric softeners, brighteners and some low-cost detergents with aggressive and/or bleaching features is forbidden.
• DIEL®Sport highly recommends laundering using Technical wash-in cleaners for waterproof apparel containing non-detergent soap which should clean the product without damaging Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings.
• All fur elements (natural and synthetic) should be detached before laundering. They are to be cleaned in dry cleaning.
• Ironing is not recommended in general.
• However ironing at low temperature (without steam) can be performed in some cases.
• Tumble drying is absolutely forbidden.
• Drying should be performed on hanger.
• Careful use of hair-dryer is also possible to revive the water-repellency of the fabric.
• To renew the water-repellency can be used special Impregnating treatments and sprays without silicone.

If you have any additional questions, ask your store or DIEL®Sport directly using the contact form or e-mail.

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