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Custom Uniform Program (CUP) - TeamWear

Snow sports teams and professionals from all over the world work in conditions of long and cold winter. They have to perform their best for weeks and months, withstanding extreme temperatures and fast and fierce wind. They face the mountain’s cutting blizzards and dazzling sun.

Antarctic Capsule

Modern, comfortable and made from top notch technology adventure jackets.

For 20 years now, DIELSPORT has been developing a special collection of winter clothing for the needs of the Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition, and our goal is to support scientists and their work in extreme conditions, providing them with reliable and safe equipment.

Made in the Rhodope mountains, tested and proven in the harsh conditions of the Antarctic.


For 30 years, DIEL®Sport has stood for premium winter sportswear. All these years, we put our heart and soul into creating original models and strive to become better through continuous innovation and improvement. With almost thirty years of tradition and never stopping to develop, DIEL®Sport proudly ranks among the world's leading brands in this challenging field.

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