D&L Diel starts off as a daring enterprise of a family, where skiing is everyone’s passion, aimed to design and produce exquisite ski wear. 

The new company begins with five sewing machines and two original models – men’s and ladies’ overalls. The designs are impressive and the first orders start coming in.


Inspired by the favorable beginning, the company meets the new season with sixteen new models. After intense research Diel’s own fabric is developed, stamped with fancy up-to-date original patterns.

The first participation in a leading international exhibition - ISPO Munich – turns out to be a great success for Diel’s genuine brand and product.


Diel opens its own factory – an important step on the way to the foreign markets through constantly increasing production capacity and quality.

The first international order is coming from Slovenia, this first move abroad is quite successful and Diel’s apparel is well known and accepted in that country up to now as the brand is the official sponsor of the Slovenian Ski Pool and Slovenian National Children’s Ski Team.


Diel becomes sponsor and exclusive supplier of the official apparel of the Bulgarian Olympic delegation for the Winter Olympics in Nagano. This means prestige, but also a lot of effort and resources. The outfits are made to measure for each contestant individually.

In the century’s last Olympic Games Ekaterina Dafovska triumphs on the Olympic ladder dressed in Diel’s outfit. She wins the 15km biathlon race and becomes the first Bulgarian athlete to conquer the White Olympia.


Diel levels up to the high demands of the world users. The new models are made of high-tech fabrics, breathing and waterproof, revolutionary innovation at the time. 

Diel clothes the Bulgarian Olympic delegation again for the Summer Olympics in Sydney. The response is more than good and letters of appreciation from the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, sports federations, eminent sportsmen and journalists shower on Diel. Twelve Olympic medalists rejoice with Diel’s outfits.



At the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City Diel’s outfits climb the winner’s podium with Bulgarian athletes Evgenia Radanova (shorttrack) and Irina Nikulchina (biathlon) three times and receive a prize from the sports journalists for the most beautiful and functional apparel at the games.

Diel is awarded the medal "The Sport for a Peaceful World" for contribution to the Bulgarian sport and the Olympic movement. This year Diel also sponsors the Bulgarian National Ski Team.



Diel Sport conquers the Antarctic and remains there as the professional cold-protective wear of eightteen consecutive missions of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and for the future.

The brand is evolving. The name changes from D&L Diel to DIEL SPORT. New logo, outlined in the shape of a water drop, symbolizes the victory of warmth and comfort over winter’s hardships and is still Diel’s signature. The brand starts working with a professional communication agency and creates memorable advertising campaigns.



The Summer Olympics in Athens. More than 200 athletes, coaches and officials are equipped with Diel Sport clothing and accessories. A number of Bulgarian champions stepped on the winners ladder with Diel again, including the two Golden medalists Milen Dobrev (weightlifting) and Maria Grozdeva (pistol shooting).

Diel is growing. The administration moves to a new headquarters together with the design crew. Innovative CAD/CAM system is introduced for the development of the new models.


Winter Olympics in Turin. Bulgarian Olympians like Diel’s sports outfits so much; they decide to march in the opening procession with them, rather than with the official ones, as the tradition demands. Evgenia Radanova wins the silver in the 500 m short track. 

Diel Sport receives valuable recognition - the prestigious «Golden compass» of the Bulgarian media and «Icarus» of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, soon to be followed by the Award of the Supreme Fashion Institute in Paris MOD'SPE PARIS and the Special Diploma of the Director of ISPO Munich.



Diel Sport factory is already in the Top 10 most modern production facilities for ski apparel in the world and is certified by ISO 9001:2008, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. Starting from this year Diel Sport provides each product with Two Years Warranty Certificate.

This year marks the beginning of a special Custom Uniform Program - DIEL®Sport CUP, aimed to provide snow sports teams, ski clubs and schools, mountain crews and outdoor staff with professional high performance winter apparel. Diel dresses popular Italian ski teams from Bardonecchia, Sestriere Borgata, and Spazio Neve.


Diel Sport turns 20.

True to its lifelong mission to engage more and more people with the charm of the mountain and sport, the brand thanks the Fans with a grand party with fashion show and rock concert and celebrates together with over 2,000 of them.

Diel Sport's anniversary collection is created as an appeal for taking part in a modern Nordic style movie, but with Southern temperament. The various models stand out with constant high quality, original designs, perfect protection and functionality, meeting the requirements of professional sportsmen as well as families who chose the joy to be together among the white peaks.


INTERSKI 2015 - Cerro Castor, Ushuaia, Argentina. The most prestigious technical and academic forum for winter sports in the world, which gathers winter sports specialists from around the globe every four years to present and discuss new trends and compare techniques, methodical systems and equipment.

The Bulgarian DEMO SKI Team dressed by Diel Sport has taken part successfully since 2003. In 2015 in competition with serious rivals they were chosen to be hosting INTERSKI 2019 in Pamporovo in Diel Sport's home Rhodope Mountains.


Diel Sport proudly celebrates its 25th jubilee together with winter lovers, snow sports teams, mountain crews and even polar pioneers who trust the brand as their provider of reliable apparel  for a quarter of a century. The event hosts an exposition of genuine Diel Sport models from all these years. 

The ceremony is honored by many VIP guests, including five-time World Cup champion Marc Girardelli and Olympic medalist and World champion and record holder Evgenia Radanova. 


Diel Sport employs the state-of-the-art dye-sublimation technology that gives unlimited opportunities for creating fully made-to-order designs in different graphical styles for unique appearance with high resolution graphics and team and sponsor logos incorporated in the design.

Special high-quality sublimation dyes add sustainable vibrant colors to the outfits with smooth gradations, saturated nuances and fine details for a striking look. 


INTERSKI 2019 - Pamporovo and Bulgarian DEMO SKI Team proudly sponsored by Diel Sport host the Congress of the World Wide Organization that attracts in Bulgaria the best skiers of every nation, the ski media, industry specialists and thousands of participants.

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