This is DIELSPORT's Custom Uniform Program.Professional skiwear specially created for members of teams, crews, squads, and departments that spend over 90 days per year in the high mountains. They are polar pioneers and explorers, surviving at the most challenging points on Earth.

Antarctic Capsule

For 30 years now, DIELSPORT has been developing a special collection of winter clothing for the needs of the Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition.The feedback we receive from them gives us the opportunity to improve our clothes and make them even more sustainable, as we have created equipment especially for you, with which we can explore the most challenging corners of the world together.

DielSport - Retail

For 30 years, DIEL®Sport has stood for premium winter sportswear. All these years, we put our heart and soul into creating original models and strive to become better through continuous innovation and improvement. With almost thirty years of tradition and never stopping to develop, DIEL®Sport proudly ranks among the world's leading brands in this challenging field.

Custom Uniform Program (CUP) - Teamwear

Be Limitless With Your Custom Products!

Bring to life your own design ideas

Create your own outfit with contrast and dynamic graphics, vibrant colors and
stand-out branding, incorporated in the design for one-of-a-kind appearance with
advanced dye-sublimation technology.

 Unlock your bravest ideas for the unique look you are dreaming about.

Guided by our design team you may follow different ways to clear and achieve
your design idea:

  • Provide us with your own design
  • Chose from our growing library of impressive customizable ready-made designs
  • Commision a fully made-to-order design by the artist in charge, guided by your
    requirements and imagination

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Modern, comfortable and made from top notch technology adventure jackets.

For 30 years now, DIELSPORT has been developing a special collection of winter clothing for the needs of the Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition, and our goal is to support scientists and their work in extreme conditions, providing them with reliable and safe equipment.

Made in the Rhodope mountains, tested and proven in the harsh conditions of the Antarctic.

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Retail DielSport Catalog

Diel®Sport has a three-decade tradition of a true European brand, designed and produced entirely in the European Union.

The complete process takes place under strict quality management in our own dedicated production facility, one of the best ski wear factories in the EU.

Diel®Sport’s products achieve consistent superb quality through the use of the most innovative technologies. We utilize the world's up-to-date novelties in materials development and use the advantages of intelligent self-adjusting fabrics that respond to changes in the body microclimate.

All products are made of high tech fabrics from world’s top suppliers, with constant reliable quality and remarkable performance. In addition, the construction of the garments employs advanced all-component stretch technology where each element, from the lining and insulation to the strings is of first-rate elasticity. Diel®Sport’s innovative three-dimensional tailoring system shapes the apparel emphasizing the body contours and frees the movements of limit or constraint.

Our 2023/2023 Catalog



Superior performance for high-quality equipment, intended for protection from the cold, provide warmth and comfort. Light, breathable, and with excellent water repellency jackets.

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